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Merging Relaxation with Aromatherapy

Today’s high-impact lifestyles can take a toll on our precious systems especially when trying to figure out how to relieve stress, naturally. Replenish, rejuvenate, and get back to center with Pinch Me Therapy Dough; a professionally developed, soft, pliable dough infused with calming aromatherapy.

A simple, holistic way to take the edge off.

Handmade in the USA


What is Pinch Me?

Pinch Me Therapy Dough is a holistic stress reduction tool designed for use any time, anywhere. Our unique formulation is the result of thousands of tests and countless prototypes. And just when we thought we got it right, we tested again just to be certain. Based on our scientific findings and market testing, we found the final product to be the perfect consistency for maximum potential stress-reduction. Knowing how to relieve stress has never been so simple, until now. 

Wherever you go, pack the dough.

refocus, rebalance, restore

What are the benefits?

Through the gentle pressure of the kneading, Pinch Me provides a purifying release of muscle tension. It naturally creates a redirection of focus from the mind to the hand where the current tension can be squished and released. The soft aromas were individually selected due to their calming effects.

I just wanted to thank you guys, this stuff is literally magical. You guys are clearly ancient wizards who have a complete and total understanding of the human brain because I have never felt so calm. Something about the wonderful smells and the texture of the dough, I just wanna stop typing and get back to squishing it around because it just makes me feel fantastic.

Thank you, ty ty ty!

- Tyler Perkins

This stuff is simply amazing!I truly love this therapy dough, when I opened the jar I immediately caught the scent of something so delicious and soothing.  When using Pinch Me, I noticed a change in my mood as it went from tense to content. I’m a mom of many traits, and highly recommend this to anyone who suffers from stress and wants to naturally heal themselves. This would be a perfect gift for a friend, coworker, family member or mom. 

- Mariah Fisher

I recently found your amazing Spa dough and let me tell you I am thrilled!! I have Fibro and Arthritis in my hands so bad that at times I can’t hold a cup or glass without severe pain. A few minutes of quiet time inhaling the beautiful scent and handling the easy to squeeze dough brings me a definite calm and lessening of the arthritis pain WITHOUT medication. I am deeply and eternally grateful for that.

- Vicci Lucas

5 stars. I hope this company stays open and keeps the Refresh and Chill options forever. These are really relaxing and a versatile fidget. I especially like the scent of Refresh, I find that genuinely calming on its own. Thank you   

- Skye Wood

So I have ADHD, OCD, and PTSD!! That's a lot of letters right ??!!! I know!!! When I am having a panic attack or really need to focus, I will take out my Pinch Me Therapy Dough, and focus on the clay (and smell!!) that is in my hand. It brings me back to the present moment, and really helps take down the panic attack several hundred notches!!!!! I focus on the form and the color, and believe me, it really helps me stay in the moment!!! Great product and great smells!!!!   

- Jane

For my 13th Birthday my grandmother had sent me the Bliss Pinch me therapy dough. Ever since, I can't seem to put it down. My test scores are going up in school and I honestly believe it's from this dough. I love the cooling effect that it has after being in the fridge for a while. I absolutely loved this gift from my grandmother.

- Bristol R. Schluneger

am so grateful for this product it has truly helped me so much.... time after time it has awakened me in a panic attack....I am so so glad I found this product!

- Serah G Whisman

I bought this for my granddaughter whose Autism has escalated. She usually wants nothing to do with anything. She LOVES THIS. Her mom and I are very grateful to pinch-me-dough! 

- Cooper Dian

I love using this product! I love it so much I carry this line in our hospital gift shop. I have many customers tell me that they clip the clip-on option to their badges, backpacks, and purses!! It's easily accessible to have when you need a mindless thing to do for calming or during a meeting. If you have a little one who has the wiggles this is great for them to put on their backpack! The clips are a so handy and easy to refill.  Just add a new pinch of Pinch me dough to refresh or change scents! I personally gave one to a customer's son who was autistic and had to sit in the waiting room due to a loved one being in the hospital. He loved it, it helped take some of the stress away from his situation!”

- Chanel Faucett, hospital gift shop manager

Again I have to say ..I LOVE THE BEACH SCENT, I’ve got the pinch me dough & the spray mist! I honestly can’t get enough of this 

- Laurie Waldo

I love this stuff! I play with it during my actual therapy sessions and when I’m at work. It keeps me focused and calms my nerves. I bought 3 more today.

- Lola

I just wanted to send an updated thank you as the therapy dough has been a huge help with my clients.  I am working with individuals (both children and adults) who have experienced more serious traumas and allowing them to choose a scent of dough they prefer and hold it in their hand to help with feelings of anxiety and increasing calmness has been priceless. Thank you!!

- Amy Goldberg, MA, LAC

Just wanted to let you know how much I love the lavender dough! It’s amazing! I received it in a goodie box from Bright Spot Network for a cancer support workshop I attended. I finished radiation yesterday & came home to the goodie box & played with the dough while I tried to relax and rest my body. Fantastic product that brightened my day. Smells heavenly too. 

- Shayna

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your wonderful product. We bought these for all of our team at our Company during tax season and they just love them. We have an office right in Lewes and had never heard of them before this year. I am just in love.Thank you again for all you do!  

- Ashley Stern

Several years ago I purchased a couple of tins from you..what wonderful smells....for a friend that recently had a devastating medical diagnosis. Originally she was somewhat sceptical, gave it a try, and was hooked. Time for more stress relievers for her.

- Kathleen Farrell

Hello! I just want to thank you for creating Therapy Dough! It’s greatly helped me reduce my anxiety and overall nervousness. I use it every single day. THANK YOU!!

- Diana

Thank you so very much for this awesome product!!! Just received this afternoon. I LOVE it!!! Smells wonderful and I love the texture! I saw your product on Shark Tank and knew I HAD to order, so glad I did! My son left 2/9/21 for the Air Force and this momma has been missing him and just stressed. Thought this would be perfect for me!!! Yes!!!! I’ll be purchasing AGAIN!!! I truly thank you!! What a wonderful product you have!

- Jenn Kovach

I just wanted to share a quick note I got from the friend I gifted this to:"I used the dough and successfully calmed down a resurgent anxiety attack... I’m so grateful that you got these for me, I just have to let you know that!!!"Thank you so much for such a great product!!

- Rebecca Renfroe

I wanted to tell you that my 17 year old daughter absolutely loves the Beach Mist Me & Therapy Dough. She is one of many seniors missing out on so much right now with COVID. She was already battling some anxiety, and of course the virus made it worse. Thankfully, she does get relief with both the dough & the mist, and has asked if there's any chance you are thinking about making lotion.No doubt it is a much different process but I did want to ask. The plan is to go to college in the fall, and, as her slightly concerned mom, I want to give her as much as possible to relieve her anxieties! I really, really appreciate your creating this product !

- Spencer

I gave these as Mother's Day Gifts to my 'girls' - who are now Moms...They totally loved the scents & especially the therapy. They told their little ones that "this is Mommy's play-do & not for little ones"...teeheehee :-)

- Vivian

This product is amazing! Bought it for my husband to help relieve some stress after work and the essential oils in the dough can fill the whole room with the amazing smell! Everyone at Christmas couldn't put it down! We have the tropics scent and will be buying more!!

- Kelly

I recently broke my right hand, and can't afford to have visits at a DR. Office so I bought Pinch Me Therapy Dough. Well that worked wonders got full use and strength back in my hand not to mention it smells GREAT and that smell stays with you. Very calming and Therapy at the same time. Thanks

- Sally

When I started my own business as a contractor last year, I had no idea a pandemic was on the horizon. Working from home with four young children was not part of my business plan. As local schools closed, my stress increased. I have found myself unable to sleep due to added stress. With my anxiety at an all-time high, I was relieved to find Pinch Me. It's just what I need after a long day at my computer to relax my hands, wrists and eyes. I can focus on my work knowing that stress relief is available without leaving my home. Thank you for your product at such a critical time for parents wearing many hats right now.

 - Callie Collins