Review by Sally via The Grommet

“I recently broke my right hand, can't afford to have visits at a DR. Office so I bought Pinch Me Therapy Dough. Well that worked wonders got full use and strength back in my hand not to mention it smells GREAT and that smell stays with you. Very calming and Therapy at the same time. Thanks!”

Review by Kelly via The Grommet

“This product is amazing! Bought it for my husband to help relieve some stress after work and the essential oils in the dough can fill the whole room with the amazing smell! Everyone at Christmas couldn't put it down! We have the tropics scent and will be buying more!!”

Review by Vivian via The Grommet

“I gave these as Mother's Day Gifts to my 'girls' - who are now Moms...They totally loved the scents & especially the therapy. They told their little ones that "this is Mommy's play-do & not for little ones"...teeheehee :-)”

Review by Leanne Rowe

“This stuff has seriously changed my life. If you have bad habits such as biting your nails, smoking, pulling/twirling your hair, KNEAD this!!! (See what I did there ;) ) Like all of you know by now, I've had severe acne for many years. This has caused me to develop a really horrible and embarrassing habit of excessively picking at the skin on my face. Especially if I'm tired, stressed, or bored, or sitting at my desk doing work. I often do it without even realizing it. I have tried so many things to try and break this habit and I can honestly say that @pinchmedough is the only thing that has really helped. Oh, and the best thing? They are non toxic.”

Review by Janice Lynch Schuster. 

"I've been having a couple of very stressful days after a great getaway to VA. I've been working on seeing everything from a positive angle, but today I guess I lost that. But I picked up your book and read the page about circles, and then pyramids, and in just a few minutes, felt so much better and more calm.

So thank you. You just never know whose life you'll make better."

Review by Sherryl  

“I can sum my review of this product in less than five words…..


That’s it. This stuff is simply amazing. My usual stress reducing activity is sadly, eating potato chips. My children call chips Mom’s Stress Candy. How bad is that? Well let me tell you that this Pinch Me Therapy Dough smells so good. Not only is it relaxing to roll back and forth in my hand, it smooths the muscles and leaves my hands soft.”

Review by The Binder Ladies  

“I, (Jeni), being a California Coast native, I thought the Ocean aromatherapy scent would be perfect.  I was right!  I immediately felt comfort after taking the lid off the jar.  It has a soft, gentle scent that really does remind me of sitting on the beach, smelling the salty sea air.  It's refreshing, rejuvenating and relaxing, all in one.

This stuff is really amazing.  It's such a simple creation that truly does wash away stress just by playing with it.  I prefer to leave it in the jar, and push on it, because I love how the dough feels almost like velvet between my fingers.  It's super soft, and squishy, but not wet.  My Pinch Me Dough travels with me in my purse, because the jar is so light and the lid seals tightly.  Could a tub of dough really inspire relaxation?  YES!

My favorite thing about this company, besides their stellar customer service, and incredible products is their commitment to the Armed Services.  As a US Army veteran, I was truly touched when I read that Pinch Me Therapy Dough supports and donates to helping to relieve US soldier's stress. Every container that's purchased will pay for a soldier's half day stress management training with  Now that's a company I can absolutely respect!”